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B is for Beater

I’ve decided that the 1-10 scale of rating an anime is a crappy way of rating.  My scores have generally been… generous, to say the least, as I see 7 as “average” when in fact, most people consider a score of 7 to be pretty darn good.  Also by just rating an anime with a score of 1-10 doesn’t really do enough justice because it’s a one size for all score.  This was something that I talked about with my friend Max, AKA Cosplayshots. So with his input, I’ve come up with a new way of rating anime based on a letter grade system on the following categories;

Character Design: This category will be based on elements of design ranging from things such as Art, Seiyu and Personality of the characters.
Animation: Primarily based on the over all art and production of the anime.
Story: Plot, plot and more plot.
“F(ringe)-Factor” : This is going to be all the other misc.crap that doesn’t really fit in for all titles.  Expect to see things like insert music, or some other concepts that are a result of my own bias.
Overall: Kind of speaks for itself.

Well then, now that is established. Let’s beta test this new rating system with a very fitting anime. Sword Art Online

Ever see the animes .Hack or Druaga? Well that’s essentially what SAO is. The bastard child of those two anime. Okay, maybe not really, but I do think it describes the series quite well.

The anime takes place inside an online virtual reality game, however to the players surprise, they can not log out, and due to certain circumstances, they can’t just remove themselves from the game. (See what I mean with the .Hack reference?) The only way to be able to exit the game is to clear the game by defeating all one hundred floors of the Tower Dungeon. Clearing out levels of a tower dungeon eh? Sounds so very familiar. Despite how I’m making it sound by dumbing it down to comparison of two other anime, it’s actually a pretty good story. It’s been executed well and there’s bound to be some twists. So on my new letter grading scale. I’m going to give the story a B+, so far. I feel like this might be a story that will end up being an A at the end of the series with the right kind of twists.

Character wise, the protagonist is Kirito. After acquiring his cloak, his design sticks out a bit more, but because his outfit is just solid black without much detail, it is rather bland.His seiyu is Matsuoka Yoshitsugu who is a fairly new seiyu that’s recently gotten some pretty big roles. Unfortunately Yoshitsugu does not really stick out to me. If I were to hear him in other anime, I likely won’t recognize it.

The Female lead is Asuna. I like the look she has. Her outfit is elegant, but not frilly. Something she can fight in. And the white and red make giving her a fairly vibrant look, which is refreshing. Unfortunately, so far she has not made much of an appearance in the anime. I look forward to her role taking flight in the anime though, as she is voiced by the very lovely Haruka Tomatsu, of Kannagi fame.

Getting right down to the scores now –
Animation: B+
Story: B+
Character Design: C ~ Most characters are pretty bland looking. They aren’t very striking, especially when it comes to secondary characters who have almost no distinction from background characters.
F-Factor: N/A
Overall: B
SOA is pretty damn good, but it’s not a masterpiece that I think is a required watch for all anime fans.

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Not too ambitious

The latest Moe blob title from Madhouse and Studio Gokumi, The Ambition of Oda Nobuna, stands to be a tolerable one. For now anyways. It’s essentially like Sengoku Otome” Momoiro Paradox, except that instead of an airheaded girl going back in time to an all female Sengoku era where men are non-existent, you have a Sengoku game otaku boy going back in time to a Sengoku Era where only a good majority of notable persons were genderbent. (How many more times can I say sengoku?)

Another key difference between Nobuna and Momoiro Paradox, is that Nobunda is actually somewhat good. Somewhat. It is indeed very moe blob, however I rather enjoy the perverse comedic element displayed so far by the male lead, Sagara. However it’s a comedic element that I fear will get old half way through the series.

I do give the series a bonus point as well for having casted Mamiko, although only as part of the secondary cast. The main female role of Nobuna went to Kanae Itou. You might remember her as Airi from Queen’s Blade, or Elsie from The World God Only Knows. The male lead belongs to Eguchi Takuya who voiced Kujou-kun from Gosick. What more is that Takuya has also had experience voicing another Sengoku era character. Sanada Yukimura in some anime called Sengoku Basara. You might have heard about it. It’s really popular among the female demographic for some reason.

Overall, I’m going to give Nobuna a 6, maybe a 7 out of 10. It’s a decent enough anime to watch, but I wouldn’t recommend you going out of your way to watch it, unless you are a major sengoku fan. There’s much better stuff out there to watch.

Kana Itou –

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Tari Ho!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this blogging thing, yet I believe that my writing has undergone vast improvement thanks to school. Queue up the Aerosmith, because I’m back in the saddle again.

We have all no doubt seen at least the anime calendar from anidb or the most excellent visual guide to anime seasons from Moetron. If you are anything like me, you probably form a strong first impression based on the descriptions from the guide. Take for example, the first impression I formed for the new summer anime Tari Tari. I passed it off as more moe crap, and was going to pass on it.

Animation look familiar in that opening? If you watched Hanasaku Iroha, of course it does!! PA Works at work right there! PA Works is the studio that made Hanasaku Iroha and Tari Tari is their new show for the season. You might also be familiar with some of their other work too; Another, Canaan. Angel Beats and True Tears (Which I admittedly have no seen yet, though it’s had amazing reviews).
What I find to be most amazing about PA Works is not the amazing animation and gorgeous illustrations they have, but that they know how to handle moe. To PA Works moe has been more of a spice, not a selling point. It’s not something they try to cram down your throat like other studios have in recent years ( *cough* Kyoani *cough*) And for that, PA Works has my respect.

Now if moe is not the selling point to this new series, there should be some sort of content other than “cute girls doing cute things,” right? Indeed so. We have some female leads, the first off is Miyamoto Konatsu who is a member of the school choir, but for some reason, she is not allowed to sing as part of the choir. Then there is Sakai Wakana who seems to be fairly new to Konatsu’s class. There also is appears to be a trauma she has with music. These prove to be the current obstacles the girls must overcome in the first episodes. I’d tell you more, but I’d hate to give the story away, so just take my word for it and go watch it already! Seriously. Stop reading this. Go watch it! It’s on crunchyroll! Oh for crying out loud, here’s the link. Just click the damn thing.

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